Mad City : Prison Escape

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Mad City : Prison Escape

Mad City : Prison Escape


As the name of game reflects, it is about escaping from Prision or you can say Jailbreak. You might have played escaping game earlier where you escape from city and keep running. This game is different from those ones.

Here in Mad City Prison Escape, you are a prisoner with lot of other persons who jailed already. Somehow, you managed to break the Jail and now it is your turn as a player to escape from the Jail Mad city and how you claverley control your character. You need to follow yellow lines to come out once you break lock. Game will start with some intro where you can learn how to do that.

Problem is not only guards who stop you escaping but other prisoners too who are on your way. Only one thing you need to do is SHOOT. Why? because you are not going to jail again.

Controls :


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